written pieces

the process: a) accepted submissions are listed here, b) reviewed pieces are listed here and get their own tab

9. On white saviour complexes / why we need more complex white saviours and less white saviour complexes, by S’nothile Gumede, June 2019

8. On ulwaluko / ways in which ulwaluko has offered possible contestations of white centrality, by Lubabalo Mdedetyana, coming in 2019

7. On epistemic arrogance / what are the implications of inter-epistemic dialogue, specifically within the tertiary SA landscape? by Siseko H Kumalo, coming in 2019

6. On Robbeneiland (piece on its way)

5. On homophobia / by David Barnard, coming in 2019.

4. On Afrofuturism & queer erasure (piece on its way)

3. On teaching the plaasroman in 2019 / the value that queer theory potentially carries in the teaching of a genre of Afrikaans prose, by Wemar Strydom, April 2019

2. On white discomfort / locating the ethics of speaking Afrikaans in the intersection between non-white silence and white (dis)comfort, by Allison Geduld, coming in 2019

1. On seeing AIDS / short anecdotal piece on the visualisation of AIDS in a 1990s edition of Die Huisgenoot, by Wemar Strydom, April 2019

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