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We invite allies, activists and collaborators to join the conversation. Get in touch, here.

Agree, disagree? Have a written piece that’ll resonate, nuance or complement? No word or medium/media format limit here. Most pieces published on are in English, but work in any language can be submitted for review.

Direct responses/repliek to all work posted on the site are also welcomed.

Have a whiteness/queerity/sex-y review of a popcult text? We invite long-form reviews of 1,500 – 2,500 words on recently released/published/performed/exhibited work, as well as pieces that critically re-visit older work.

All submissions are (non-blind) reviewed by a member of the submissions review team.

Spell-checked and proofread work is sexy.

The community, thus far:

contributor S’nothile Gumede

A MAVA (Masters in Visual Arts) candidate at Stellenbosch University. Fascinated by ideas surrounding gender, sexual and racial identities, power – and how these intersect.

contributor Ilse de Korte

Writes Afrikaans chick-lit, and in 2013 published an Afrikaans interpretation/adaptation of the Kama Sutra, entitled Afrikamasutra.

contributor Lubabalo Mdedetyana


contributor David Barnard

Works and teaches in the discipline of philosophy. Research interests include psychoanalytic theory, philosophical archaeology, genealogy, queer theory and the histories of sexuality.

contributor Allison Geduld


contributor Anele Siswana


contributor Siseko H Kumalo

Editor-in-chief of JDD. Writes on epistemic justice, pedagogies of mutual (in)fallibility, feminist and queer theory, higher education transformation. Lead researcher at #ThinkingAfrica

commissioning editor; contributor Wemar Strydom

Queer (insert here). Casual gamer. Writes on queer citizenship and masculinities in South Africa.